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The live phase follows the beta phase. In the live phase of a service we:

  • Are able to support the service in a sustainable way.
  • Continue developing, testing and monitoring the service.
  • Continue to work with end users.
  • Continue to address constraints identified in beta.
  • Maintain the performance and quality of the service.

As part of the transition from beta to live, we have:

  • Worked out what level of continuous improvement is sensible to support for a particular service.
  • Created all the base functionality needed for the service users.
  • Opened the service for all users to use and test.
  • Ensured the the service is accessible to all users. This is not just in terms of accessibility but making sure users understand how to use the service.

In the future, the service might need to be retired. This happens if the users no longer need it or if there are not enough users for the service to be run in a cost effective manner.