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What do we mean by "beta"?

  • Ensure that the service is ready for a wide-scale roll out.
  • Allocate resources for on-going support and maintenance of the service.
  • Investigate integration with other University services.
  • Identify which services could be replaced or merged into this service.
  • Open the service to all who need it.
  • Refine the shape of the final "live" service.

As part of the transition from alpha to beta we have

  • identified funding sources which can support the costs of the service on an on-going basis,
  • developed a prototype service,
  • ensured that appropriate data integrity mechanisms are in place,
  • automated the release and upgrade of the service, and
  • developed operating procedures to support user queries.

By the end of the beta we aim to determine:

  • Features which are required as part of the "live" service.
  • Whether those features have been implemented in the service.
  • Who is using the service and whether the service meets their needs.